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Aktau Petrolium and partners recognizes that people, their intellectual resources and talent are an important part of the company success. Our strategy is to hire and retain highly qualified employees with the necessary skills and competency to achieve good results. For this reason Aktau Petrolium has developed a personnel selection and recruitment policy that both meets the requirements of Kazakhstan legislation and also the objectives of the Company itself. The company’s objective is to create conditions that enable it to adopt fair and correct decisions, and also assist line managers and recruitment groups to make recruitment choices from within and outside the company.

The core of this policy lies in division of recruitment procedure for vacant positions into internal recruitment within the group of companies, and recruitment from external sources. This helps focus on internal recruitment, at the same time promoting and developing employees and giving an advantage, with all other conditions and abilities equal.

In its external recruitment the company uses various sources such as printed publications, the Internet, recruitment agencies, personal contacts, own database of the company, and all of this help expand the geography of the search for potential candidates to both Kazakhstan and abroad. Recruitment fairness and objectivity is achieved by the collective adoption of decisions. For this reason the Company creates recruitment groups that include line managers, their representatives, employees from the departments and units recruiting the individuals, and also representatives from the human resources department and administration. The recruitment groups, if necessary, can also include representatives from other departments and units. To adopt the impartial decision the Company uses interviews, candidate testing, physical examinations and recommendations for recruitment.

Thus, by applying the principle of fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates, and also by varying means of selecting and recruiting personnel, the Company is able to form a Aktau Petrolium   team that has a special corporate culture, which helps it take a leading position in its particular market sector.